Star IV

My Names Xakk,
Creator of 5zer02,
Founder of By Gaslight Studios,
Retail Slave,

My life is very busy and stressful... I come here to blow off steam and pass time during my down time.

So, I believe it was 2010… That sounds about right, cause 2011 was We Are War, and 2009 was Incarna. 


There was this drummer I met… he wasn’t that great of a drummer, but I was desperate for a band, and drummers are hard to find.

Anyways, he thought he was this amazing writer. And I humored him. First off, he couldn’t keep a simple beat, let alone a 5/4 beat… but I’m getting ahead of myself. 

I read his lyrics, and it was something out of a sunday school class mixed with some tool’s definition of ‘Awesome’ (I speak of Tool as in Douchebag, not the band) 

He also wanted to be vocalist. So I humored him, his lyrics, his vocals… Nope… I’m not a good singer… but he was worst than me… I can at least hold a note…. 

It’s sad how he had such little talent, though thinking so high of himself.. and how closed minded he was… 

God… That was sad… 

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