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My life is very busy and stressful... I come here to blow off steam and pass time during my down time.


Rappers with puppies.

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With the help of a new albany fire fighter, him and I rescued this injured dog from a revine. My legs are killing me…


A tough day at work


A tough day at work

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It’s been a rough day at this store… good thing after next week I dont have to travel like this anymore .

Calming down… Broken Bride is so sad. I get teary eyed every time I listen to it… 

I feel much better… That song was really angry, but I was really angry.

The Situation I mentioned earlier: 

I’ve been working with Harmon Warhol for 2 years on his rap music, I’ve produced most of his beats. One day, this rapper comes around (Who started as Tyler and my cable guy) he sounded like a white Drake. I really dug his style, but every time I wanted to work with him, he would flake. Months go by, and he finally comes around and wants to do a song. But he didn’t want me to mix, or master it. It was a beat that one of Harmon’s friends produced for him. 

We Laid down this song together.

He wanted to give it to Jon Wu, who is a recognized member of the Wu Tang Clan, to mix and master it. So I gave him all the files after we recorded, and Harmon accompanied him to Jon’s studio. 

Today, Harmon comes up to me to tell me this: 

"Hey man, I was at a party last night with Jon. And he mentioned that he didn’t like me at first because I acted like he was my bro when he didn’t know me, but he knew Miles (The Rapper) so I thought it was cool. Come to find out, I met him the same day Miles met him. We got to talking, and another person came up and asked if we were talking about Miles, and how he screwed him out of some money, saying ‘This is going to mixing and mastering the song we’re -going- to do.’ Never got back to him and used his fan base to grow his own, instead of helping each other out and sharing fans."

Miles never looked us in the eyes when we talked about his ‘Producer friends’ and would always change the subject. It all started to fit together that Miles is just trying to grow his fan base. 

Jon never even looked at the song we did, and warned us about people like Miles.

I did some research, and started talking to people who had worked with him in the past. Same Story each time. And Now he wanted to do this to Harmon and I….


I wrote a song where I reach 150 syllables in 16 seconds. That completely disses Miles. 

Miles continues talking about doing an upcoming show together. Harmon wants to play it by ear till that show then drop him.

If this show happens. I’m going to perform this song. And Walk Out.

He wants to be a white Drake and act like Kanye. I’m going to pull a Busta Rhymes and bury him in an Eminem style. 

No one fucks with me and my friends like this. He wants a fan base. How will they feel when we reveal his true nature?

It’s fucking on now. All my stress, all my emotions, it means nothing right now. A local rapper is trying to screw up mine, and Harmon Warhols reputation to get more popular in this area. I’m not having it. Jon Wu (of the wu tang clan) gave us the heads up, and now it’s time to attack. Laying a song down tonight. I’m going to make his catalog of songs look like kids bop. No one fucks with us this way, he wants to start shit, we’re going to bury him.



Girl…side?… Ummm… shouldn’t the only thing in a gym that should be separated are the bathrooms and showers?… What… I don’t… I don’t understand… girl side… IF YOU’RE PAYING FOR A GYM MEMBERSHIP, YOU SHOULD HAVE ACCESS TO EVERYTHING. Girl side… I can’t… I … What…

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